How to Host High Impact Retreats in Costa Rica
without the high cost, hassle of booking & headache of intensive planning every year!
Here's your shortcut to owning a piece of a high end, highly transformational
retreat centre, without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars
Learn how you can increase your profit and your impact without hassle and high cost
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Discover a new Formula for hosting high end retreats developed by some of the world's top transformational speakers & trainers.
In this webinar you'll discover:
Reduce Costs
How to get 10 years of retreat hosting for less than the price of a single year
Increase Profit
How hosting high end retreats can exponentially increase your bottom line
Market Smarter
The time-tested success formula to have your peers and colleagues promote your events
Seasoned Support Staff
Our staff will help you plan and organize your retreat, PLUS market your event to our database. Enjoy the seamless retreats and satisfied participants.
Why Costa Rica?
Discover how your Costa Rica retreats can elevate your position as an expert with some of the top speakers and personalities in the world
Become a Shining Example
How to be the inspiring example for your tribe that helps them get more breakthroughs while you create the income to build your lifestyle and legacy
Teresa is the founder and chair of the Evolutionary Business Council, an international, invitation-only association of speakers and influencers who are focused on teaching principles of success. The EBC hosts events and retreats monthly around the globe. Teresa is the #1 international bestselling author of “Mass Influence - the habits of the highly influential”, which is now a bestseller in 7 countries. A 4-time international bestselling author, Teresa teaches marketing courses internationally to corporations and entrepreneurs on how to create massively successful word of mouth campaigns.
Who We Are
The EBC is a community of speakers, trainers, writers, radio & TV hosts and documentary makers who are committed to teach transformational principles. Our members are engaged in peer to peer mentoring, collaboration and helping to increase each other’s influence and reach. One of the EBC’s project is the Vista Mundo community and retreat center. Vista Mundo is an intentional community designed by speakers and trainers for speakers and trainers, with a target of becoming one of the world’s foremost centers for transformational learning.
"I absolutely love what Teresa has done with this new model of allowing people to do high end retreats that are affordable. And, also it takes a whole lot of organization out, year on year. That's one of the things that was stopping me from doing more retreats. It’s a lot of work! We've got speakers and trainers that have actually developed this model for speakers and trainers, instead of hoteliers. We’ve got concerns that they don’t really understand. We've got ... unique concerns. ... I pounced on it! Because it’s a really good thing for my business... It’s a really revolutionary new model to make it affordable, but also you are working with a team of people that really have your concerns at the top of their minds because they are the concerns that they have when they are doing retreats. So take a good look and really consider coming on and being a part of the community. Because I’m loving it and getting a tremendous benefit from it. "

Nicola Grace, International Speaker, International Bestselling and Award-winning author
Nicola Grace - Human Renaissance Foundation
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"Welcome everybody, to Berlin Costa Rica. This is our newest place of sanctuary here. An Amazing community of people, that are thought-leaders, transformational people. I'm just really thrilled to be part of this community and a group of people that are so committed to making a big difference in the world."

Terry Duperon, Owner - Good People Goods
Terry Duperon - Good People Goods
"Years ago, I used to help other people run retreats in Costa Rica. One of the things that I noticed was that it was really difficult to find places to run events with groups larger than a dozen people. Most of the facilities in the country just aren’t set up for that. So, this retreat opportunity is one that's desperately needed in Costa Rica and I know that it's going to fill up very quickly as this opportunity continues to evolve.

Costa Rica became a part of my life back in 2013-2014. What I absolutely adore about Costa Rica, it checks so many boxes for myself as an entrepreneur and for my family: the health care, the infrastructure, the friendliness of the people there, the ease of being able to get in and out of the country and get to other places… I'm just super excited about everything that we are doing. It's a great opportunity. " "

Tina Dietz, International Speaker, Bestselling Author
Tina Dietz - Start Something Creative Solutions
“I'm really excited to be part of this group and start having my retreats down in Costa Rica. I know the caliber of leaders, thought leaders and trainers who are already involved. The fact that we can come together and support one another, and support our tribes in beautiful paradise in Costa Rica is more than I can ever imagine. I'm excited to be part of it and I know that I am going to be so taken care of by Pam and Teresa and the team. I've been to their events and I know that they are meticulous with details and they are really out to take care of us, whether we are in the audience, in their retreats, or in the retreat center.”

Evana Valle, International Speaker
Evana Valle -
"I've just joined the Evolutionary Business Council. In a short period of time it's already changed the approach of my personal life, my business life and my focus. I love the fact that every meeting and every interaction I have with every member is going to be just fantastic. And take my personal life, my professional life and my spirit to a space that I could never imagine it could be. I love the EBC!"

Dr Partha Nandi, Syndicated Television Host, Owner of Lot 17, Vista Mundo
Dr Partha Nandi - Syndicated Television Host,
A New Model for Retreat Centres in Costa Rica
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